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How Long Does It Take to Replace or Install a New Roof

Now that you’ve decided to replace your roof, there’s just the matter of finding a reliable and qualified contractor to see the work through. A reputable roofer will provide you with a free quote, and as much as you may be in a hurry to get the job done, it’s in your best interests to get at least two or three proposals.

Any good contractor will not only diagnose your roof’s condition but also provide you with a reasonable price and a timeframe to remedy the problem. A great roofing contractor, however, will meet and exceed your expectations.

A Thorough Evaluation

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When it comes to diagnosing a roof’s condition, there’s no such thing as a “drive by” evaluation. Once you’ve arranged for an inspection of your roof, you should expect a visit that includes a thorough evaluation of all aspects of your existing roof. This includes not only the existing shingles but also the flashing, the decking, the ridge vent and the vented soffits.
Some roofs are visually sagging, have missing multiple shingles, or show clear signs of decay. It can be easy to say they need to be replaced. Other roof problems are not nearly so clear. A great roofing contractor will determine whether your roof needs only a repair or if full replacement is necessary.


A great roofing contractor will make recommendations with an eye toward ensuring your new roof performs well, looks attractive, and lasts a good long time. This can include recommendations on the type, style, and color of asphalt shingles that are best for your home and the climate you live in. For example, lighter-colored shingles are best for reflecting light, while darker-colored shingles absorb heat.
Such a contractor may also recommend other fixes that need to be addressed such as replacing flashing around a leaking chimney or skylight.

A Concern For Your Budget

A great contractor will discuss the costs of replacing a roof and provide you with choices for roofing materials that best suit your budget. You should get an understanding of the grades of asphalt shingles available, the styles and colors they are available in, how long a roof constructed with each should last, and their warrantees. Your contractor should provide samples so you can see and feel the thickness and durability of each type.

A Written Proposal

A great contractor should provide you with a written proposal that covers the full cost of removing and replacing your roof. Your contractor should explain possible added work and associated costs that may be necessary but which cannot be determined until the shingles are removed. A common example is the discovery of damaged decking under the old shingles which will need replacing.
No contractor should pressure you to sign a contract immediately but should allow you a few days to consider their proposal. And if you have more questions? They should always be welcomed.

A Work Schedule

Once you’ve signed a contract and barring inclement weather or material delays, most residential roofing jobs should not take more than a day or two for completion. A great contractor should provide you with a reasonable work schedule including a start and finish date. If a roll-away dumpster is brought in for the work, you should know when it will arrive and when it will be taken away. In addition, your property should be left clean and spotless when the work is complete.

Peace of Mind

Most quality shingles come with standard warrantees and a good roofing contractor will let you know these warranty lengths. A great contractor like JRC Roofing, however, will back up their work with a full 60-day guarantee. If after the work is complete, you find a problem during that time, we’ll return to fix it at no extra charge. You should expect nothing less.

Know That Your Roof Is In Good Hands

At JRC Roofing, there’s good reason we say your shingles will be singing in the rain! We combine durable, high quality, asphalt shingles with expert workmanship that sets the standard that other Pennsylvania roofing contractors can only try to reach.


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